What is The Rocket Platform and RocketPlus™ and how is it different from third party maintenance (TPM)?

Even with all the benefits of traditional TPM, there still exists a segment of the industry where a company either does not have the budget, or just chooses not to, keep their equipment under some type of maintenance coverage. These are what we call “self maintainers”. They either know enough about their hardware to be able to fix most basic problems that arise, or they just wait until something breaks and then find someone who is able to fix it using a standard time and materials (T&M) model.

Now, whichever part of the self maintainer segment these people belong in, they still need to ensure they are getting quality parts to fix their equipment. That is where The Rocket Platform comes in. Powered by Top Ten USA’s industry leading subject matter expertise, TRP is a top of the line parts distribution website. We have taken the guesswork out of your parts buying experience.

Not only do we offer guaranteed working parts with an above industry standard 1 year warranty, we show you the full test results for every part we sell. No, that doesn’t mean you are going to be getting a slew of paperwork every time you buy a part. That would be the opposite of going green, something our company is very proud to be working on. What you will get is a small QR code sticker on each part, and also the packaging the part is in. Simply use a QR code reader app on any smart device, scan the code, and you will be taken to a folder on our FTP server where you can view all of the test results for the part, that were generated while it was in our facility.

But we even go one step further with our testing. Not only do we test the part individually above industry standards to ensure it functions perfectly, but we also put it into a simulated production environment to ensure that when you receive it, it will work flawlessly in your system. No more guessing whether or not a part has the right firmware or is the right style for your system. All of the guesswork is taken away with TRP’s parts buying experience.

Now you must be wondering, just how long will it take me to get my parts with all of this testing, once I put an order in on your website. I’m glad you asked. Another thing that makes TRP’s parts buying experience so unique, is that you never have to wonder if what’s listed on our website is available to ship. No calls, emails, or asterisks. Just add it to your cart and go. Everything we list is guaranteed to be in stock at all times and ready to ship. And what’s more, if you get your order in by 5pm EST Monday-Friday (excluding national holidays), your order is guaranteed to ship that very same day. We pride ourselves so much on this, that if your order is in before 5pm and DOESN’T ship that same day, we will ship the very next day via FedEx Overnight Service, and the shipping cost will be on us. And by using our RocketXpress™ checkout system, processing/shipping your order is easier than ever before.

Oh but wait, there’s still more. (had to say it at least once, right?)

Here at TRP, we know having quality parts is only half the battle when it comes to fixing your equipment. The other half is knowing how those parts get installed. TRP has you covered there as well. Along with every part we sell, there is at least one included free “how to” installation video, produced by our in house L3 technicians. These videos are available on the product page for every item we sell, and the YouTube links are also emailed to you along with your tracking and receipt of purchase.

But we also know that not everyone is inclined to try a repair on their own, just based on a video. So if you feel you need a little extra instruction, or want someone to walk you through a repair, we have our L3 technicians available where you can purchase a block of hours and schedule time to have them walk you through your repair. Yet another value add that sets TRP apart from other parts distribution websites. But what if you want a little extra insurance, yet don’t want to pay for a full maintenance contract?

Enter RocketPlus™ - the hybrid subscription based model, guaranteeing parts availability and free technical expertise, without the larger initial cost of a maintenance contract. For a small nominal fee per machine, per year, you will be guaranteed that all parts for that machine are always available to ship, under the same 9-5 Monday-Friday model as TRP. However, you also get the ability to open up support tickets where you will get a free 15 minute call per ticket from our technical support team to assist you in diagnosing and/or fixing your machine.

We even offer a personal customer portal where you can access all your machine information, ticket and purchase history, and advanced metrics showing your true cost of ownership for every machine with a RocketPlus™ subscription. You can even store multiple ship-to addresses, payment information, shipping carrier numbers, and more! Our website is even mobile friendly!

With all of these benefits you must be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

The short answer is, there isn’t one. We pride ourselves on being an asterisk free website. No gimmicks, no bait and switch, no guessing, no catches. Just 100% customer forward service and support. The Rocket Platform, where superior parts and superior service are our mission!

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